Is Life As a Top Business Coach For You

On the up side, you change lives for the better. Not just the life of the business leader you are coaching; you improve the lives of their staff too. In some cases your coaching will save 10,000s of jobs and create as many more. Imagine what that feels like!

You are privileged to work with many of the brightest and most talented people in the country, and they look to YOU to help them become even more successful. And you will. And when you do you will have the respect and admiration of the UK’s business elite.

On this programme you will learn the most effective business coaching techniques known to man. You’ll understand business better than you can currently imagine.

You’ll work in pleasant offices and top hotels. Earnings can be great, if, and only if you follow the proven techniques to secure clients. The knock-on effect in your personal life will be great. Your relationships will make you feel better because you will be a master at bringing out the best in the people around you.

Even your outlook on life will be improved. Police officers, psychiatrists and others who normally work with people at their worst often end up very depressed or suicidal. As a top business coach you work with people at the opposite end of the spectrum. You work with people at their best; who are trying to become even better. Imagine how that makes you feel long term.

On the down side, yes there is a considerable amount of travelling. You can limit that by setting geographical limits on your marketing. Yes, the buck stops with you. That also means that all achievements are down to you.

Yes, some clients can be unreasonable. Most want you to succeed for them and will do everything they can to help you help them. Some clients will be slow to pay. You’ll learn how to get paid on time every time.

Yes, you will have to be learning and improving on an ongoing basis. Year on year, the average standard of business leadership improves (partly because of your input) and that means that you have to be improving on an ongoing basis to stay ahead of the vast majority of your clients.

If you don’t like ongoing change and self-improvement you should think carefully before becoming a business coach. If you love progressive change and self-improvement (both personal and professional) you will thrive as a business coach and can expect to become a top player quickly.

Where, generally, can YOU succeed as a business coach?

Where you are most credible. It would help your credibility with future clients if you have business management experience. The more senior and successful your business experience the more credible you are with business clients.

If you want to work with entrepreneurs it will help if you have founded and run your own successful business (other than an advice based practice).

If you have a strong track record of achievement in the public/charity service sector you will be credible there. The public sector desperately needs top-level business coaches.

You will succeed as a business coach where you can add most value to your clients and where you are most credible.

Where, specifically, can YOU succeed as a business coach?

Your unique combination of skills, knowledge, personality, experience, talents, thinking patterns, career history, etc will determine the route you are best equipped to take to reach the highest levels of business coaching. Finding that route for you is part of the programme.